Network of European Peace Scientists statement on academic freedom in Turkey

As part of the governing council of the Network of European Peace Scientists I helped draft the below statement expressing concerns over the reports on threats to academic freedom in Turkey. Other organizations such as the American Political Science Association and the International Studies Association have also made statements to express their concern.

Academics should be able to express their views openly, without fear of persecution, regardless of their political views.


NEPS Statement

January, 21st 2016

NEPS statement on academic freedom in Turkey

The Network of European Peace Scientists (NEPS) is concerned about reports on the current situation for academic freedom in Turkey. NEPS as an organization does not take positions on domestic political issues or the original petition by the “Academics for Peaceā€. However, as an organization with a commitment to academic freedom in the scientific study of conflict and peace, we see it as essential that academics must be allowed to express their views openly, and without the fear of persecution. We call on the Turkish government to protect academic freedom and prevent the persecution of academics.